Simplicity is an active choice.

A way of thinking & being...

The complexity in our lives is directly related to how disoriented and disconnected we feel, don't you think? In choosing to return to simpler things, the basics, we maintain our connection with our community, our Earth and ourselves.

I aim to contribute to your and my quest for simplicity & honesty by working in a simple & honest manner. Time honoured and uncomplicated techniques are used to handcraft these down-to-earth products. You won’t need a science degree to understand them. These methods have been used for centuries, before mechanisation, factories & mass-production existed. The way you would make them today if you had the time.

Though the techniques are simple, making a cream emulsion requires constant monitoring at every stage. An ever vigilant eye must be kept over accurate measurements, juggling temperatures and maintenance of consistency;  it can take all day to produce just two base batches by hand.  The process itself doesn't get any quicker,  just more efficient with experience.  It's a constant revelation to gaze upon the finished batch and reflect on it's humble beginnings as raw ingredients.

I hope you enjoy using these products as much as I enjoy the process of creating them for you.
I wish you well in your journey to simplicity.
Simple Foot Scrub

HeatherJoy Ethics

I strive to provide you with the finest in ethical skin care products. Every ingredient is thoroughly researched and must have a proper, useful skincare role in the formula.
I do not use toxic or suspect ingredients such as synthetic fragrances, synthetic colourants, parabens & other synthetic preservatives, sulphates and urea. All ingredients are listed on the labels and on the website for your reference.

Resources and the Environment

I take my commitment to conserving resources & the environment seriously. I believe prevention is better than cure so use packaging material that is recycled, recyclable or compostable. This means that your order will arrive with as little packaging as possible, nothing unnecessary. Usually in a recycled cardboard box with compostable popped starch packing if needed.
The emphasis is on what goes into the bottle or jar and so keep the packaging simple and straightforward. The products stand on their own merits without any gimmicky packaging.
Most HeatherJoy containers are manufactured in Australia from recycled PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). It's 100% recyclable and unique in that it can be recycled over & over. Recycling uses less than 30% of the energy needed to manufacture virgin PET. This means it's the most environmentally friendly plastic in the world.
PET and PHPE do not off-gas or leach chemicals into the products. It is lightweight, minimising postage costs and unlike glass, will not pose a safety risk or wastage if dropped.
I am very conscious of the waste that can be generated by a  business; even a very small one as HeatherJoy is and will remain.  We reuse what we can, look for others who can, and failing that we recycle at our local centre.  Any cardboard boxes that cannot be reused for packaging go into our family garden as mulch. All HeatherJoy printed material is on recycled paper or card and 'plastic' wrap is actually cellulose based and biodegradable.

We do our best to keep our planet clean.